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Embryo Adoption

The problem of unneeded frozen embryos stems from the increasing use
of IVF. In this procedure, a number of eggs are harvested and combined
with sperm to make embryos. Two or more of these embryos are implanted
in a woman's uterus where it's hoped a pregnancy will occur. If couples
are successful, they may have extra frozen embryos that they do not wish
to use.
It's estimated that there are over 400,000 frozen embryos in the United
States alone, and over a million worldwide.
So far, there is only one U.S. company that participates in embryo adoption.
This is when a couple no longer wish to use the embryos that they have
cryopreserved (or frozen). Couples who wish to have children can then
go through this company to adopt one of these embryos and have it implanted
just as in traditional IVF.
There are quite a few groups out there who believe that these frozen embryos
are lifes and have just as much right to be adopted as children. Additionally,
women with poor egg quality have the chance to adopt and embryo and experience
the joy of pregnancy.
Also, it cuts down on IVF costs for couples since they're not having to pay for
the egg retrieval process.
What is everyone's opinion on embryo adoption?
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