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we started ttc in spring of 2004, i became pregnant on second try and miscarried our baby julia that summer.

after another year of meds and IUIs i finally became pregnant again in feb of 2005. andafter a hellish highrisk pregnancy, i was forced to have a c.s at 32+ weeks because of complications.

on 18oct we lost our 19 day old baby girl jaeci in the nicu. there was nothing wrong with her, they just put her on her belly and walked away. she died a needless death.we took her twin brother jaxen home with us that same day. but his homecoming has been one of tears and sorrow and not joy. he is going to think that breastmilk is salty as it is always mixed with my tears.

((i started a community to help us and others deal with the loss of a baby in a multiple pregnancy/birth situation, i am not sure if it pertains to anyone in here, but it might..


please delete this if it is not appropriate.
if not, please pass it on if you know of anyone in this situation.
thank you))
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